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Informed Financial Consent (IFC) is a form of dialogue, either written or verbal, that serves to advise the patient of any associated costs relating to their upcoming procedure.

Upon receiving your details from your Surgeon, our rooms will contact you regarding your anaesthetist’s fees, and the likely costs involved for providing this service to you as part of your surgical team. This is also known as an Estimate of Fees.

As part of providing this IFC, you will also be made aware that it is given to the best of our knowledge and with the details provided to our rooms at the time. Occasionally the course of your medical treatment can change and despite our best efforts to provide a reasonably accurate estimate of your fees, it is not always possible.

Similarly, the timing of you booking a procedure may not allow us to provide you with an Estimate of Fees. Should we receive your details last minute, we will endeavour to phone or SMS you to contact our rooms and discuss your anaesthetic fees.

For emergency situations, it is not always possible, nor appropriate to provide the patient an IFC. In this circumstance, it may be feasible to discuss your reasonable costs after your procedure. Alternatively, where it is not possible to provide information directly to the patient, your anaesthetist may discuss your fees with a near relative or a person acting in your interests.